Webinar on motivation from Anastasiia Beaumont - second place winner at the Open European Championship in dog dancing and a successful dog trainer with over 10 years of experience. This webinar is created for those who want their dog to look at them with shining eyes, become a loyal friend and enjoy playing and doing sport. This webinar is about what is the key element in dog training - about motivation, because your furry friend can know a huge number of commands, but if you don't have a good contact with it, if your dog is not motivated and not trained to work with distractions, it simply can not perform these commands and this makes it impossible to train your dog, participate in competitions and public appearances.

The webinar is suitable for you if:

  • You don't know how to connect with your dog

  • Your dog doesn't listen to you, is distracted, doesn't want to eat or play

  • You don't like your dog's behavior, but you don't know how to break its bad habits

  • You can't control its behaviour, or you can't get it to eat or play with a toy

  • You don't know how to build training, where to start learning commands and tricks

Let's get motivated

After this webinar you will learn to:

  • Plan and properly structure training to get good results in life and sport

  • Identify your dog's types of motivation and use them correctly

  • Build the right relationship with your dog and become a leader your dog will want to follow

  • Understand your dog's state of mind and work with it through daily activities and training

  • Develop your dog's good habits and lose the bad ones

  • Teach your dog to be motivated and listen to you even if you don't have treats or toys in your pockets

  • Work with distractions. And you'll also get a breakdown of the most common situations with concrete examples!


  • Access for 6 months

    You will be able to study the information in parts and apply step by step in your lessons with your dog without rushing. And for your convenience you will have a text presentation with the key points, so you can quickly find the information you need and a full summary of the webinar, for those who are more comfortable with the text format.

  • Saving time and money

    You don't need to gather information by bits and pieces or buy another course "how to teach a dog to do commands," in this webinar I have collected all the information with which you will understand why it didn't work before.

  • Applied knowledge

    This webinar is not just thinking or observations from life, it's my practical experience. I also regularly conduct seminars on motivation in different countries and know exactly what most worries and interests people. So here are the answers to all the questions, as well as the knowledge that helped not only me, but also my students to achieve results.


  • Will this webinar work if I have a puppy/adult dog?

    Yes! It's never too late to create a good bond with your dog, this webinar can be studied with puppies from the first days at home as well as with adult dogs.

  • We've already tried classes with a dog handler, but that didn't work. Will the webinar help?

    Of course, because motivation is at the heart of any class! Once you find an approach to your dog, you can reapply all the exercises that the dog trainer gave, and compare the results.

  • If I don't plan to compete with my dog, is the webinar right for me?

    Yes! An attentive and responsive dog is needed not only for competition, but also in your everyday life to make it more comfortable. The webinar includes case studies and situations from everyday life with your dog.

  • How relevant is the webinar for those who already train with a dog and participate in competitions?

    If you are a current competitor, then of course you are familiar with the basics of training, and some information will already be known to you. I recommend that you look again at the section "What you get after the webinar", and if you feel that on some points you lack something for the relationship with your dog, then this webinar will help you to look at your training from a new perspective and give you interesting insights.

  • I've already taken / am taking "Let's team up" do I need this webinar? What is the fundamental difference?

    The course and the webinar are two products that complement each other. "Let's team up" is a step-by-step course on raising an responsive and attentive dog through positive reinforcement techniques. The motivation webinar is information on how to find an approach to your furry pet, unlock his potential, and become a good leader for him. Motivation issues often arise even for those who have been training their dog for a long time or competing, so the webinar will be a great addition to the "Let's team up" course or the first step to getting to know me and my teaching methods if you haven't already purchased my products.

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