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Course "Tricks for beginners" from Anastasia Beaumont - second place winner at the Open European Championship in dog dancing and a successful dog trainer with over 10 years of experience. This course is designed for those who want to have fun with their dog: teach it various tricks, amaze their friends and family, improve the dog's physical condition, take beautiful photos and videos for social networks, find like-minded people or start dancing with their dog!

The course is right for you if:

  • You want to learn tricks with your dog, but don't know how to do it right and where to start

  • You have already started to learn tricks, but got stuck at some stage and could not reach the final result

  • You're trying to learn tricks, but you don't know how to explain to your dog what he needs to do

  • You want to improve your contact with your dog and his physical condition, so that he will be in good shape for many years to come

  • You are planning to do Dogdance and you need a solid base of tricks with which you can create your first choreography

  • You have learned a few basic tricks and you want to keep having fun with your dog, or you want to diversify your dance routines

Course curriculum

The course consists of 52 step-by-step lessons that will allow you to easily master 20 tricks with your dog (with all the recommendations for working with your dog):

1. Left/Right turns

2. Slalom and figure eight

3. Giving a paw

4. Hugging your leg

5. Following the hand / Heelwork 

6. Shame

7. Circling

8. Home (Position between your legs)

9. Pivoting (Turning with front paws on a target)

10. Footsies (Standing on your feet)

11. Slalom while stepping backwards

12. Walking backwards

13. Backward slalom

14. Rolling over

15. Crossing paws

16. Bowing

17. Sit pretty

18. Hide

19. Holding props

20. Reversing around you

Tricks for beginners

After the course and the application of these lessons in practice, you will:

  • Start having fun with your dog and improve your bond with it

  • Master the necessary basics to create your own dance and start practicing Dogdance!

  • Learn to do cool tricks with your dog. You will be able to attract public attention, increase the number of subscribers, amaze friends and acquaintances

  • With your dog you will become the stars you deserve to be, you will find like-minded people and you will be proud of yourself and your dog

  • Improve your dog's physical abilities and let him be in good shape for years to come!


  • Access for 1 year

    In this course you will find 52 step by step video lessons with 1 year access. And the lessons you learn on the course will stay with you for life!

  • Saving money

    With individual lessons once a week, it will take at least 6 months to master all the exercises from the course (24 weeks x 70€ = 1680€ ), so the online course is a great opportunity to save money and time on the road to the trainer.

  • Easy and convenient

    Access lessons anytime from your computer or mobile devises. The tricks are divided into small steps, following which you will master all the skills without outside help. Learn at your own pace and review lessons as many times as you like.


  • Is this course suitable if I have a puppy/already an adult dog?

    Yes! Dogs learn at any age. This course can be started both with puppies, from the first days at home (we started with Salsa when she was only 2.5 months old), and with adult dogs, as my students do.

  • If I don't plan to compete with my dog, is this course right for me?

    Of course, after all, you need to give the dog mental and physical tasks not only for competitions, but also in your daily life to make it more comfortable and interesting. The course will help you easily learn tricks with which you can amaze your friends and family, or just be proud of your dog :)

  • I'm worried the classes are online. Will I definitely succeed? How effective are online classes?

    All my students note the availability of information and the ease of following the program! Under each video, you will find a text explanation that details all the steps for how to perform the exercise correctly. Follow the instructions carefully and I'm sure you will succeed ;) And if you have any questions that need an individual approach, we can sort them out in private lessons.

  • How relevant is the course for those who already train with a dog and know some tricks?

    The course program is fully described higher on the site, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of tricks and evaluate which part of the program you already know and which exercises will be new for you.

  • Can it happen that I will start to teach my dog, but it will not master tricks? Then I'll just waste a lot of time, and nothing will work.

    The advantage of my course is that I broke each trick into small step-by-step actions. If you follow them carefully and practice each step slowly, your dog will definitely master the tricks! Tested by my students with both adult and very young dogs.

  • I'm worried about my dog's health, how safe it is to do tricks?

    Tricks help dogs develop good coordination and build muscles, which can protect their joints from many injuries. If the trick has any restrictions, in the lesson I will definitely give recommendations on how to proceed in this case and what to pay attention to. More complex tricks that are suitable only for trained dogs are included in separate tutorials. If your dog has health restrictions, please consult your veterinarian.

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