December 5 at 18:00 (Paris time) by Zoom

Duration about 1,5 hour

Training planning webinar from Anastasiia Beaumont - second place winner at the Open European Championship in dog dancing and a successful dog trainer with over 10 years of experience. This webinar is designed for those who want to make training with their dog successful and as efficient as possible. This webinar is about how to plan your training sessions correctly and start making progress in your classes. After the webinar, you'll learn the answers to the most popular questions I get asked about training planning and how to make your dog training sessions fun and playful.

This webinar is perfect for you if:

  • You have a hard time keeping track of your dog's progress

  • You are often stuck doing the same things over and over but would like to see faster progress

  • You are demotivated by training because you don't know where to go

  • You're doing multiple sports with your dog and you don't know how to combine them all properly

  • You don't know how to build a training schedule that works best for you, your dog and your workload

  • You don't know how to properly work through training mistakes


  • Access to the recording for 3 months

    You will be able to learn the information piece by piece and apply it step by step to your dog training without rushing. Аnd for your convenience, you will have a text presentation with key points, so you can quickly find the information you need.

  • Saving time and money

    You don't have to gather information in bits and pieces or buy another course, in this webinar I've compiled all the information you need to understand the topic.

  • Applied knowledge

    This webinar is not just a discussion or observation from life, it is my practical experience. It contains the answers to all the questions, as well as knowledge that has helped not only me, but also my students to achieve results.

After this webinar you will learn to:

  • Plan and properly align your training schedule to get good results in your daily practice, sports, and competitions

  • Structure your training so that you are constantly progressing and moving forward

  • Incorporate training with your dog into your life, regardless of your busy schedule

  • Learn the keys to successful training and turn your training into a fun activity for you and your dog

  • You'll also get a breakdown of my scheduling system and answers to your questions.